June 4, 2005

The Sean Report (Guest Writer)

Hello all welcome back. Just got home living the high life as usual. Great night at work again tonight although I had an incident that just made me realize how truly dumb some parents can be to the next generation of children we have coming right behind ours. I'd tell the story but then I'd divulge too much about my personal life that matters a lot to me so I'll just go for the gist. Basically, I dealt with a parent tonight that would rather spend close to 400 dollars than know the truth about what their child does and get them low cost help at the same time for the low low price of 45 dollars. It blew my friggin' mind those who know me best and would like to know the rest of that story can email me and I'll tell them, but those who don't will have to sit in suspense 'till they know me better. It made me think about all the times my parents have gotten me out of trouble at school and whatnot and that they would never in a million years do what these parents did for this child.

Also, I was reading the paper this morning and just as I predicted the lawsuits having to do with pain clinics are starting. I read an advertisement that said: "Have you or someone you loved overdosed due to faulty pain management? Call us because you may be entitled to money damages!" Dear God, these cycles need to stop. Let me tell you the way I see it... Pain clinics were started in the first place for doctors to avoid malpractice lawsuits (because for some reason we have become a suit happy society, rather than working for what we want well wait for someone else to fuck up and take all their money along with their insurance companies money which leads to us all paying that much more in the end). So now these pain clinics are going and are wildly successful due to the amount of people who just can't deal with the pain and, of course, the friendly neighborhood drug dealer. It is a relatively inexpensive and damned near legal (if done correctly with folks you can trust) way of getting high. "Fuck beer, give me Xanax," the pill-heads cry. So these clinics are seeing hundreds of people a week and writing them insane amounts of prescriptions with no prior knowledge of their medical history to the point of not knowing if the same asshole went to the competition up the street an hour ago to get the same prescription. With the amount of technology available today, why can't we know these things. Blockbuster has a better system than doctors do! Fucking Blockbuster man! Anyway, so these doctors write prescription for these insanely powerful and addictive pain killers to 18 year old kids! Folks I'm 23 years old and the most powerful thing I've ever been prescribed is 800 mg Ibuprofen. I've been in quite a few car wrecks, I've been injured quite a few times but no doctor has ever said "well let me give you a lifetime supply of morphine so that way if your broken bone and or aching head ever starts acting up you don't have to deal with it cause you'll be a drooling moron the whole time." What is the fucking deal people?!?! Have we become that dependent on medicine to run our fucking lives? It all goes back to my de-evolution theory. Our immune systems will become weaker as our pain tolerance becomes weaker as we all just float off into momentary medicated happiness. What happened to fighting for every little edge life gave us? Every fucking inch? Society is becoming too used to having things done for them soon there will be pills that make you feel good about paying bills and going to work everyday and living your life day to day as humans have done for years and years and years before that. There will probably never be books written for us as being the greatest generation or even the most moderately good at what we do generation. We are losing everything that our fore fathers and ancestors have worked for and evolved into by taking the easy way out of everything. Our justice system is providing it , our doctors are providing, now even our (or their) parents are providing it. If any book will ever be written it will be called "The Pathetic Generation," because of how pathetic we have all become and how apathetic we are about it, and it will be written by some one like myself who feels these things in those places you don't talk about at parties to quote Jack Nicholson. I guess it boils down to all I'm asking for is to have a little fucking personal responsibility for actions. Is that too much to ask? Just for someone to say, "Hey, I fucked up and I apologize?" It has become common place for us to accept someone saying that something is their fault with the ever popular statement of "my bad", rather than a true apology! Back it up, you motherfuckers! With a simple "I'm sorry, I apologize, It wont happen again." Don't just acknowledge you've done something someone considers wrong! At work the other day I've had some one say they couldn't do what I asked due their being extremely ADHD, and they refused until someone brought them their medication. And I couldn't do a thing about it cause if I ignore their statement I will be sued! So if that is the way things work next time I'm unhappy with the service I receive at a restaurant I'll just sue the shit out of them and get a million dollars just because someone didn't do their job to the best of their ability. On a side note what happened to being able just to let things go? Someone was rude to you at Winn Dixie? So the fuck what? It fucking happens! People have bad days! You and I and no one for that matter is exempt to that rule! Shit happens! Remember that bumper sticker ? Why can we not just let things go any longer? We all want this perfect world to live in but no one will fucking work toward it. No others seem willing to step forward and start this small revolution. The small revolution of just dealing with things we need pills or money given to us for our discomfort at every turn. Now probably no one reading this has a problem with anything I'm saying so the deal is to get the word out man get other people in on this idea with this simple statement my uncle, the wise and usually drunk Frank once told me "always remember number one don't sweat the small stuff, number two its all small stuff". I mean look at he bigger picture people. There's a lot more going on in this world besides what I'm bitching about what your bitching about, there a billion other people with a billion other bitches about something different. Fucking go with it. As they say in AA "give me the strength to change the things I can and the wisdom to recognize what I can't change" These are all small things people but something can be done, if we all start making a little effort to do so. We can be powerful individuals serving a greater purpose of mankind once again rather that the sniveling little shits we are becoming. Take control people cause if you don't no one else will. Things will keep going right along in the fashion the always have been until the day we are all under a one world government with big brother watching our every move and regulated doses of medicines to keep us happy the whole time we act like sheep and go one about a life that should be ours to regulate. Please anyone who reads this always keep your sense of self, always remember you are part of something greater and you make bigger difference with the little things than you realize.

Posted by Reese at June 4, 2005 8:45 AM