June 23, 2005

Ryan's thoughts on the subject

I sit and think about my neighborhood, my parish and even New Orleans and I see it all crumbling into nothing. I see good people (questionable good people at least) destroying their lives and those around them with drugs and it makes me sick it makes me want to do something it makes me wonder. I don't know if it's because of all the comics I've read about people going out and fighting injustice or what but I can't help but think someone should take matters into their own hands, a true hero to help those that are too lazy to help themselves, then I think it is worth it when they can't and won't help themselves and don't want to be helped. So many people are on drugs and have serious problems with the law and often don't even think it's a problem or think that weed isn't a drug! Are you fucking serious , despite what ever arguments they say cut dry it is an illegal controlled substance. I see the rapid decline is self worth and the true ignorance in society and it pisses me off, pisses me off enough to want to stop it but I am taken back by the fact that no matter what anyone says no one man can take on this big of a problem (we're talking damn near society in a whole) because no matter how many you take off the streets 10 more junkies are in line to take his/her place. The other thing is that I wonder is it worth it , is it worth saving? I honestly can't say it is or isn't. What I do know is that the cops and no matter how many task forces they have aren't enough. Lord knows there are just as many crooked cops as there are druggies. I see that damn near everyone I know is on some kind of drug and most don't even fear the thought of being caught and when they do get caught they still don't get the point, they go back to the old routine as soon as they get out. I think what I'm getting at here is that they don't fear the law they don't care about getting caught they don't care about themselves much less those evil cops who are only out to hurt them. They should fear they should be frightened they need a sense of if I do this I'm in deep shit. they all want to do what ever they want whenever they want and don't care about who has to deal with it whether be family or cops or whatever , always looking for the easy way out which is why they do drugs in the first place because if they weren't high they just don't think they could get through the day like the rest of us. What do we really need these people for anyway they are just a waste of the human potential, people too high to understand whats really going on, mother's who can't take the responsibility that they accepted when they open their legs in the first place, fathers who leave mother's when they find out their pregnant so that they can go repeat that cycle and so on and so on. all the woman beaters, rapists, killers, child molesters all the sick and the perverse I ask why do we keep them around to make more sick and perverse children that grow up not loved like they should. we don't need these people it is only contributing to a bigger problem having them here, they teach their children to fear the police, they teach them the ways of the streets (if not the parents then someone else who is living that way) It's all to much if you think about it. I was talking to someone today and they were telling me about how their brother passed from drugs and while they were saying that they were smoking a joint (which by the way these low lives who sit around and smoke weed all day never even question if it's OK that they smoke around you they just figure yea who cares it's only weed and your cool right?) well I'm not cool I'm not and neither are you but getting back to what I was saying how can you sit there smoking a joint and think about how someone you loved died of drugs- shouldn't that be a giant family feud buzzer going off in your head , I also think about that my mother just passed recently and I get pissed that someone like her who struggled all her life and never caught a break is gone now and these pieces of shit will roam the world forever, it truly gets me mad to think they are here and she is not. This truly is a terrible tragedy that is happening in our generation and only a few can see whats going on and out of those few even less act upon it. That brings me to the real question at hand is it worth trying to help these people and the answer I think is actually NO but on that note whats worth trying to save is the innocent in the mess that they leave behind, the abandoned children, the people who have to look behind their backs in different areas, the people who are fed up with the way the things are going those are the people worth saving and they do need a hero someone that you can say this guy is really out there doing the right thing someone who knows how to take this bad element and maybe not stop it but make them think twice, make them fear something other than just a night in jail and some money out of whoever has to bail their sorry ass out of jail. I know I sound like yea I'm taking shit straight from a comic book and that someone should dress up in a costume and go out there but that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is take the mentality and use it ,if you think about it all of our superheroes have their mind in the right place, that something needs to be done. I'd have to say though that even if someone did dress up in a costume and actually do something right I'd stand behind the guy/girl even though the cops would not. I'm just fed up with the direction we are being driven into for godsakes we have idiots behind the wheel get someone with a brain to take over for a while so future generations won't be so stupid. They all just think that the rest of us good people will help them everytime they go to jail or everytime the mess up well I for one am the result of a person tired of trying to help these morons I am the the result of what they make us ,I am the result that says yes fuck em if they cant help themselves, and yes I am the person who wants to put an end to the crime and drugs and every aspect of the rotten world they have laid down before us, and make them think twice, make them take responsibility and let them know we are no longer cleaning up their mess but stopping it in the act. They apparently need the shit beat out of them before they learn so maybe that's what we should do! I'm tired of hearing sob stories about how the cops did me wrong or man my kids got taken away for no good reason and bullshit like that - take a fucking stand and do what's right people don't destroy your life or the others around you. we need to take down this bad element and I really don't care how it gets done they need to know that they do not own the streets they do not scare us they will be dealt with and that above all we are not going to be sucked into the shit life that they live. we can fight this and we must before everyone and thing isn't worth shit. I really don't care if I've offended anyone because if you are offended you obviously aren't worth shit either - take this to heart , I am not the only one that feels this way and I am not the only one that will fight for this. People do care , the sad fact is that most don't.

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Posted by Sean at June 23, 2005 3:23 AM