July 3, 2005

Missing Aruba Teen Gets Special Attention

Now I don't mean to sound like an inconsiderate ass or anything, but this Aruba teen story is a big yawn and the search is a waste of taxpayer money. It almost seems like a scam of some sort.. to avert our attention from matters that may be of real importance to the general public. The article lately reads: Warplanes to search for missing teen. WOW! Warplanes! They've sent FBI and now warplanes. Seems to me that this teenage girl and the WMDs have a lot in common, if you catch my drift. I'd not mind the effort and have a lot more faith in my government if I was sure that the old US of A would put forth the same effort if non-blonde haired & pretty teenagers (aka normal citizens) were to become missing in Aruba or elsewhere. Besides, after all of this "effort", they've arrested and released just about everyone on the island... the sad reality is that after all of the hype is long gone, and the public has lost interested to point of being apathetic, and the government doesn't look at fault because of a good public relation's move to appear to go all out on the investigation, there will be an unsolved murder that the family and friends directly related to the incident still has to deal with.

Posted by Reese at July 3, 2005 9:25 AM