July 5, 2005

4th Of July loses it's meaning

On the 4th itself, I was rewarded with some tasty eats at Jessica's parent's house and then my own parent's house. I even bragged to Spicolli on the delicious bratwurst that I scarfed down. I traveled to Slidell three times this weekend for a new personal record and also having to refuel three times. Ok.. that crap aside, how was my 4th anyway? Well, J-Pop, Me, and my brother bought fireworks and were having fun with bottle rockets and mortar shells (with and without the launch tube!). Paying high gas prices and hearing stories from my father about how fireworks are weak and crappy compared to the old days combined with J-pop's quotation of new government standards on terrorism and not being able to make your own celebratory explosives sent a shock-wave of anti-patriotism through my soul. Could you blame me? It's definitely not a terrorist act to construct your own fireworks, is it? Maybe the patriot act has something to do with this.. or maybe J-Pop just made it all up. But the way things appear to be headed, it's most likely that he didn't. Anyway, I celebrated something that matters more than the thousands of meaningless deaths occurring overseas and the barrage of idiots running the show in Washington... I just plain enjoyed the evening hanging with good friends and my cool bro. A revolution from tyranny started with a declaration saying that we were not going to take this shit anymore back in 1776... why are we taking this shit now?

Posted by Reese at July 5, 2005 11:01 AM