July 8, 2005


It's that time of year again.. where the occasional hurricane or tropical storm can come by and change up the pace of life here in southeast Louisiana. I for one think that the naming scheme is lame... giving powerful tortoise-like natural disasters cutesy names just doesn't make any sense. It's not a he, she, or even alive.. it's the product of physics and matter. Most are calling this amazing weather pattern "Dennis". Evacuation routes and warnings are being issued all over the metro area and beyond. Most computer models predict the storm to head more towards Florida than here, but most people feel that the margin of error is too high for risking. Here I am, Friday, noonish and at work.. awaiting the fate of my weekend and so forth. I never get too crazy about these things, although people may misinterpret my calm demeanor as being ignorant of the seriousness of such a catastrophe..... make no mistake, I know enough to know what wind and water can do when given enough energy. Earlier this week, a tropical storm came straight in and tore down a lot of trees and such, bringing a little bit of flooding as well. A lot of weaker branches have now been cleared from the trees, which may prove to lessen the debris from future storms. Weather fascinates me, though.. just like electricity (including electronics) and atronomy. One of the great things about science is that the different studies link to one another in some way or another. So.. if I don't have some beachfront property due to errosion in the coming Monday... so be it!

Posted by Reese at July 8, 2005 1:16 PM