July 13, 2005

Lies, Corruption, Fear, Incompetence, Indifference, and Arrogance.... It's My Favorite Hypocrite!

On Mr. Karl Rove:

''I... will not prejudge the investigation based on media reports," G. W. Bush said Wednesday as Karl Rove sat behind him.

That's funny.. I thought that ole dub-ya loved to prejudge (and start wars even) based on possibly uncredible information?

Eating his own words on claiming that he'd fire the man responsible, Bush is caught between a rock and a hard place with the revealing of Mr. Rove being the guilty party. Makes you wonder if it was found that his brother Jeb was responsible for planning terrorist attacks, if he'd be brought to justice as Bush so adamantly states that he will do.

Even the man who's wife was the target of conversation isn't amused. "The president has said repeatedly, "I am a man of my word,' " Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson said. "He should stand up and prove that his word is his bond and fire Karl Rove." Wilson also stated that he thinks that the White House's trend and posture in this controversy represents a continuing "cover-up of the web of lies that underpin the justification for going to war in Iraq."

"Heavens no, that's not a monkey on my back.. that's just my good buddy Mr. Karl Rove!"

Posted by Reese at July 13, 2005 5:36 PM