August 9, 2005

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As entertaining or true as these readings are... they are quite depressing for obvious reasons. Now what to talk about?

Discovery Returns To Earth
The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery has returned to the surface of the Earth this morning. As much as astronomy intrigues me, I feel that somehow it's too much effort to do space missions. That our forms of propulsion are just too primitive for efficient space exploration. And as much as I love the idea of it all, I'm not sure if the public should be picking up the tab via taxation. I can envision the private sector helping boost if not fully sustaining future space missions in the future. The possibility of profit is very motivating in helping to propel science nowadays. Just look at pharmaceutical companies.

Iraq Attacks Yield 16 More Dead
Do America (including the hardcore republicans) ever get numb to the death tolls that pollute the news weekly and sometimes daily? Thousands dead, dipping economy, record oil and gas prices, questionable foreign relations, less freedom (via The "Patriot" Act), and now an energy bill that is sure the help perpetuate the destruction of our environment... I ask you this, are you better off today than you were 5 years ago? And with Iran, Korea, and China issues arising during the tenure of this obliviously ignorant regime, I fear the world as being on the verge of a nuclear holocaust because of the arrogant, illogical, and unwise decision made by our current crop of government leaders, including George W. Bush, who is more accountable than all others by default for this train-wreck they call Democracy.


Suspected Shoplifter Dies In Wal-Mart Custody

Posted by Reese at August 9, 2005 2:34 PM