August 13, 2005

More Answers to: Why others laugh at Louisianans?

Chalmette Incompetence Pollutes Air
Murphy Oil Refinery released 16,000 pounds of sulphur dioxide carelessly into the air Monday, August 15th, 2005. The release happened at about 2 p.m. at the plant at 2500 East St. Bernard Highway.

Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu Rapes Taxpayer Fund-age To The Tune Of $955,000
Improvements to Mitch's office and his apartment at the Pentagon Barracks have cost taxpayers $955,000 since he was elected in 2003.

His staff said the spending is a critical part of efforts to improve the state's image. Ironicly he just perpetuates the image of greedy, ignorant politicians. Others point out that the state already had a $263 million backlog on its list of critical repairs to other buildings and property. So what was improved exactly? Projects include better carpeting in the executive suite, a decorative glass partition in the reception area and $10,000 for an interior design firm. Residential renovations include a new spiral staircase connecting the second and third floors and commercial-grade kitchen appliances. Landrieu wisely declined to be interviewed about the construction projects.

New State Laws Take Effect Today
Pharmacies must start restricting the sale of some common cold remedies.
I disagree with this one. If they were that harmful, wouldn't the FDA regulate them to be sold with prescription like the rest of the major drugs? There's got to be a better way to accomplish the task of regulating the small time cold medicines from underage citizens, if that's the deal.

Vending machines at public high schools must offer healthier snacks to students along with the candy bars and chips.
I wonder how "specific" the health regulations are for the snack machines? I'd assume that if healthier snacks were warranted, the school would sell them anyway because of supply and demand. Maybe this decision should be one that the school board makes. Maybe it's the parents and students responsibility to govern their own eating habits. Either way, a state law seems a bit much.

Drivers who blare loud music could lose their licenses for a month.
Aren't there aren't noise ordinances in suburban areas? Redundancy in laws are just plain dumb. I believe this is possibly just a law put in place so that police have another reason to pull you over. So each cop will have a meter to measure the decibels of sound? Is this a 24-hour a day thing? What about construction on the road that makes even louder noise? And losing your license for a month doesn't seem to fit the crime by far.

And crawfish theft becomes its own unique crime, as 229 new state laws take effect.
Again, a redundant and ridiculous law. Theft of anything with a value attributed to it is already in the books.


Posted by Reese at August 13, 2005 2:39 PM