August 13, 2005

The New Orleans Saints

It's that time of year again... besides the Fantasy Football Leagues I shall join, there is one other vice in which I'm not too ashamed of... Friday night was all about the New Orleans Saints as I took my seat with J-Pop at my side. I will usually be going to games with my co-worker Eric, but occasionally I'll have both seats for me and a guest. J-Pop is a big of a Saints fan as Eric or anyone I know. We would soon arrive at section 122 in the corner of the end-zone of the Louisiana Superdome and only one row removed from being on the artificial turf itself... ah, what a view. You could literally spit on Randy Moss from there! This is my first year actually supporting the organization with a full array of season tickets and I may or may not do it again.. depends on financials and of course, spirit. The game was fun.. lots of beer beforehand and during made for a relaxing event. Even the dome nachos had a certain zing to them. I took solace in the fact that they were losing so terribly because it is pre-season, of course. I know that I usually claim to appreciate good talent... so you can just go ahead and insert your own joke as to why I'm a big New Orleans Saints fan.... i can take it... after all, being the fan of a perennial loser brings something cool to the table... hope, or as the local ads claim, Faith!

GO SAINTS! Can you say "Who Dat"?

Posted by Reese at August 13, 2005 9:35 AM