August 14, 2005

Doest Mine Eyes Deceive Me?

Two weeks ago I was at Super Wal-Mart. The greatest Wal-Mart of them all (unless you include SAMS Club!). I spotted a Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live Greatest Hits DVD. Wow! Here's a man who never was a part of the cast, and hardly had any leading movie roles, yet they kept asking him back numerous times to guest host and of course, he delivered. Singing, Dancing, Acting (Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Passion, and of course Creepy!)... the man does it all on-screen. Now I'm really not a TV junkie or entertainment media follower in the sense that I look at "stars" as anyone better than the mere mortals who are not. However I do appreciate and respect good talent in any field of work. That being said, I purchased this DVD and have found it very enjoyable. I'm a big fan as many are of the talented Mr. Ronald "Christopher" Walken. Today, I check out RAW STORY and find this story: Walken 'campaign' makes headlines Now, would an extremely talented actor make a good president? An ex-actor named Ronald Reagan who wasn't as good as ol' Walken made it to become 'Commander in Cheif' as we all know. Also, given the current crop of candidates from the shallow pool of intellect, I'd be willing to cast my vote for a man who I KNOW is talented with at least one thing and possibly much much more. After all, it's innovative thinking like THIS (Click for Article) that just may be the trick in saving social security!

President Christopher Walken? ... nuff said!

Posted by Reese at August 14, 2005 9:49 PM