August 18, 2005


In American history, a multitude of political figures (including President Andrew Jackson and Vice President Aaron Burr) participated in dueling at some point in their lives. Dueling was common among our founding fathers to settle political disputes and disagreements. With dignity, respect, and mostly honor on the line, these men proudly defended themselves, putting their lives at stake on issues that they wholeheartedly believed in. Sure the act of dueling may be illegal in most states if not all of them, but to get around that, we'll just use the old "double-self-defense" defense in court. Either way, the challenge stands as the other day, Bush quoted us a whole new "reason" for the "war" in Iraq. This time, he states that "Immediate withdrawal would say ... you know, [that] the United States is weak". Well, I'm pretty sure that he'd decline my duel request, because even HE truly knows that it's better to appear weak than to become dead.

Try BushSpeech.Org to hear what you want to hear from ole dubya.

Or for a real laugh, check out a REAL dubya speech from August 11th.

Here are some of my favorite passages:
"...all we've got to do is intimidate and they'll leave." - Yup, working so far!
"The important thing ... is we are making progress." - Sure.. continental shift is also progressing as we speak!
"... I grieve for every death." - I just don't have any time to sign condolence letters.
(On Mrs. Sheehan) "...I've thought long and hard about her position." - You dog!
"Pulling troops out prematurely will betray the Iraqis." - You mean the one's that don't want to kill us?
"And I remind people, when they think about the conflict we're in, to think about World War II, when an enemy of ours -- Japan, for example -- is now a loyal friend and an ally because of the hard work we did, not only during the war, but in the post-war reconstruction of Japan." - As I recall, they had a plan in WWII and also, didn't they wipe out two cities and bring Japan to their knees before they finally conceded?

Posted by Reese at August 18, 2005 10:19 AM