August 19, 2005

New Orleans Saints Update

Well.. it was preseason game number 2. This time, near Boston, the Saints played a lot better, especially the second unit. Brooks looked like he was making some decent reads and throwing some sharp passes. Deuce was looking good... also Stecker, who I like a lot showed some great quickness which he possesses and even Antwain Smith had some decent runs. Joe Horn let one slip out of his hand, which then bounced off of one defender's arm and into the hands of another defender. A quirky yet rare instance of bad luck for the Saints, which is one of those anomalies that you can't predict, so I'll write it off as a mulligan. However, Joe Horn should have caught the pass.. he hit no one, not even the ground before the ball was already leaving his apparently slippery hands. Bockwoldt was displaying the aggressive hustle that he brings every week... the man clearly puts in effort which pays off dividends. The Saints probably got a really good deal in that particular draftee. I watched the game at Wetlands Bar, where my friend J-Pop invited me to go. Another friend of mine, in Boston, was actually at the game (in the really cheap nosebleed seats). It was fun and the beer went down smooth, although I hardly ever drink. Next up, the Ravens in the Superdome.

GO SAINTS! Can you say "Who Dat"?

Posted by Reese at August 19, 2005 8:26 AM