September 12, 2005

Katrina Update: Two Weeks in Baton Rouge... My House Still A Mystery!

It's been a long two weeks since I was forced from my hometown of Chalmette, Louisiana. It appears that I was in the red zone... one of the hardest hit areas of the storm. Harder than New Orleans? By a landslide. The media hardly covered and was mostly unable to even visit an area that was completely impassable by land. As far as pure destruction, the gulf coast may have gotten the shaft as more property was wiped clean like a broom went over the landscape, but St. Bernard Parish was all that plus stagnant nasty water and oil covering and polluting the area making rebuilding a biohazard risk! My home may be repairable? May be uninhabitable forever and bulldozed accordingly. I may not find out for weeks for all I know. Either way, the the limbo state that I live in continues. Also, on a sad note, the loss of my friend Spicolli from the New Orleans area will be sorely missed. The only bright side may be that I'm now learning ASP... but i'd rather not have had to. Although we can talk just about anytime (thanks to free long distance), the hours spent during the week made for a fun workday... and time we got to hang out or chat outside of work was just plain ol' lagniappe! He was truly the blond hair, blue-eyed twin brother I never could have plausably had. Ah....Good times... it's a damn shame that the city scared away another fine youth, even if not a native. I regret not having more beer and trivia with him.

Posted by Reese at September 12, 2005 8:01 PM