September 24, 2005

It's Rita Time! Jerry Bruckheimer, eat your heart out!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back.... Still waters run even deeper in... Hurricane II - El Nino's Revenge!

Scene I - Somewhere in the Caribbean.

Captain Bob Breckmeyer: "Captain's log, September 18th, 2005.. we've just deployed the last weather buoy off the coast of Antigua, and we're now headed home. Since that dreadful storm, Katrina.. the once content crew has been nervous and I believe that any slight disturbance could cause an epidemic of sea madness... similar to Superdome madness... but at sea, of course... the likes of which the world has never seen. We barely made it alive and you can't blame them for having an unhealthy mind at this point. Good thing that's all behind us now... It sure is a shame the number she did on Mr. Mike Brown, though...Captain out."

Seaman Stewart Lamens: "Sir! New reports from the national weather bureau state clear and sunny skies for the remainder of our journey!"

Captain Breckmeyer: "Excellent news, Mr Lamens, excellent news. Let's get some sleep... a well deserved rest will do us some good."

Scene II - The next day.. sometime after brunch

(Over the intercom..)
Engineer Thompson: "Captain! It may be nothing, but I believe some of instruments may be malfunctioning."

Captain Breckmeyer: "Better not chance it... I'm coming down to engineering... Mr. Lamens, you have bridge."

Scene III - Down in engineering

Engineer Thompson: "Look... everything was fine... then all of a sudden, the ocean temperature started to rise and the barometric pressure readings started dropping off the charts like crazy! I've ran diagnostics, but it all checks out... you don't suppose this could mean...."

Captain Breckmeyer: "No... NO! It can't be possible... This just cannot be! She's not supposed to be within 700 miles of here.. they told me that all the computer models had her going...*gasp* the OPPOSITE DIRECTION!"

Engineer Thompson: "Should we alert the crew?"

Captain Breckmeyer: "No.. there isn't any time. And since communication is still down from the last time, calling FEMA, The National Guard, or the Federal Government would be as pointless as if communication was working just fine. I'm afraid we're on our own.... AGAIN!"

Drama continues.... ending... unknown!

Sorry.. just had a vision there.. I guess with all of the other natural disaster movies already made.. it's only a matter of time, right? Besides.. anyone can write a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. On a more serious note.. "Rita" has stalled rebuilding of my hometown and caused re-flooding as well. Since this puts things on hold even longer from getting to my home much less rebuilding or assessing damage, does that mean I can apply for a second time to FEMA on this completely separate disaster? Maybe get another check for my misfortune? Oh well.. wishful thinking, right?

Posted by Reese at September 24, 2005 11:15 PM