October 7, 2005

Cheer up Coulter!

I don't understand what all the Right Wingnuts don't like about Harriet Miers. I've heard its because she went to SMU or she was the Head of the Lottery Commission or she is a crony or she has no judicial experience or she has no paper trail. But really her limited resume is a silent testament to the Modern Conservative's judicial philosophy: The Supreme Court is not a place where the common good should even be considered. Miers was right at the epicenter of all of the questionable shit that's gone down in the Bush White House. The August 6 PDB, the USA PATRIOT ACT, the torture, the WMD bullshit, the whole Iraq war, the secrecy, the defanging of the regulatory agencies, the faith-based initiatives, the taxpayer funded propaganda, the Rube Goldberg reorganization of executive. Not a lot of public good there, and she's with the whole program: she's the one who's been keeping them out of jail for this crap. Wingnuts have been spending the last five years touting how great all of this crap was, now they have a chance to catapult it into the next twenty years of juriprudence. You'd think they'd be happy.

Posted by Spicolli at October 7, 2005 5:46 PM