October 9, 2005

2000 Ford Focus UPDATE!

Yes folks.. back faster than you probably thought. I have yet another 2000 Ford Focus issue. What? You don't remember my past issues? Read This.... then understand wher I'm coming from. Now this time, I was driving along at around 20 MPH, when suddenly I hear a rattle tattle tinkle under the hood. My steering got tough and the battery light came on. Obviously the belt was not turning the alternator, AC, nor the power steering. I pull over and observe the contents of my POS. Behold! One of the pulleys looked slightly askew. Apparently the tension pulley broke. Now, it's not like I've ever heard of this breaking on a car that's over 20 years old, much less under 5, but the 2000 Ford Focus was specifically designed to amaze. Engineered to wow and stun! Shock and awe! It does all that, Mr. Ford, oh yes! Unfortunately, it's all negative. So, I proceed to call the Ford Roadside Assistance, which comes with my PremiumCare Extended warranty (which runs out at 100K miles or July 2006, whichever comes first.) I then find myself waiting for over 2 hours before a tow-truck arrives. Luckily it was a nice day.. and fortunately, I broke down in front of a daiquiri shop. The kind people at ALL-STAR Ford in Prairieville, LA took my car in and called to inform me that the part was not in stock and they'd have to order it for maybe Monday or Tuesday. So here I sit... car-less.. house-less... and bored... awaiting that sweet resolve which may never come.

Posted by Reese at October 9, 2005 3:23 PM