October 15, 2005

Back to New Orleans Part 1

OK OK OK I know it's taken me longer to write about it than to drive from New Orleans to Green Bay. I've got an abcese on my gums the size of a small marble and my chin has swollen to Leno proportions.

I left on Tuesday from Green Bay at 6:30 AM arriving in Minneapolis at 7:45 with enough time for a large overpriced breakfast plate, a large overpriced beer and a large overpriced shot of Crown Royal. Thus fortified I was ready for whatever surprises the Big Easy had for me.

I get to the terminal and hop into a White Fleet cab with an eastern European driver. I had to go to the Clearview Mall Avis to pick up a car. As with the Green Bay Enterprise I was given a free upgrade, in this case to a spacious Town & Country. I went back to my apartment first. The complex was very different. A few of the trees out front were no longer there. The fence around the complex was flattened and the parking spaces around the complex were covered in debris. The first floor apartments, Kimmy told me, flooded and were being cleared to prevent mold damage.

My second story apartment was fine though, a bit of a musty smell, but it was much as I left it, better actually: Before the storm Kimmy had hired a maid to clean it out to thank me for letting her use my car. I set down my bag and turned on the AC as the apartment was kinda musty. I did a little packing then thought about what I should be doing. I loaded up my camera and took a walk down to Kajan Embroidery home of Carmen Casanova's alteration business. Before the storm I dropped off some pants that had friction holes in the crotch. I had paid forty bucks for what would probably be like a hundred dollars worth of pants new. I know it's crazy that this errand had such a high priority.

I walked down Vets and saw that there were some tents pitched in the parking lot of the Pets'R'Us next to my apartment. There was a sign for a security company near a trailer in the little village. A vehicle from the security company drove in to one of the entrances to the lot ahead of me. I continued on and found more piles of debris, but also lots of signs touting open businesses, open

I had tried to call her from the airport, but either it was too early or I had too many cocktailsI called the guy who towed my car away to ask where he took it. It was at the Progressive Catastrophe site by the airport at the end of Industry Road. I located this on the map and hookup-map.gif

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