October 17, 2005

Royal Order Of The Blue Roof Society

What my weekend was and wound up being was quite long and eventful. It was bittersweet, of course as 2 good friends of mine came down from out of state and 2 others came from out of town to either hang out, check out our hometown destruction, or both. To keep it simple, I'll refer to these friends by initials and such. It started when friend "C" came to town Friday. We made our way to the Parish of St. Bernard after lunch. We visited a few of his family member's homes before heading to his grandmother's place, where he had some stuff. Old toys and a lot of memorable things were in the attic. The rest of the house was filled with water, but it apparently was just inches from the attic. All of his baseball cards were destroyed along with the house itself. We kept our spirits up as we traveled down the road to see how our former residences made out. Things were pretty much just as bad in Poydras. We called it a day and after a shower in Metairie, headed downtown then uptown to meet our other friends. In all it was friend C, A, Cy, Caleb, and JB. I haven't seen any of them in a while. We had all levels of law enforcement represented. Local, State, and Federal. I felt like the odd man out just a little bit, but I know that it's not my calling, or I'd have shown an interest in it back when my dad was a cop. A little hanging out, drinking, and conversation made for a fun night. Lots of joking around, laughter, and relaxing. I honestly wish I could convey the jokes and fun that we had on Friday and Saturday night here, but it'd be impossible... it's one of those you-had-to-be-there things. When we get together, it's like time stops and it's ten years ago all over again. The personalities of these guys are pretty much the same as they ever were. Kinda weird, considering I feel like a completely different guy than I was back then, but I bet we all do, yet the core of who we are is solidly consistent. Saturday was more of the same (except for the part where me and C went to Baton Rouge to make sure Jess was ok).. visiting homes and salvaging personal and family artifacts and then hanging out at night. Sunday morning we all ate lunch and got a complimentary meal. Sunday evening, me and Jess went to eat and see a movie: "A history of violence". It had Ed Harris in it, so not ALL of the acting could have been bad. The movie has a great combination of Sex and Violence. Not gory, morbid, or sleazy, but realistic. It had a good premise and showed promise having good ideas and uniqueness in the film. I'd recommend it for anyone who's not a prude and likes a little action/suspense/mystery.

My apologies to Byron, Beck, and J-Pop.. I should have invited you guys out as well, even if you couldn't have made it.

Royal Order Of The Blue Roof Society Volunteers ... you're my boy blue!

Posted by Reese at October 17, 2005 11:35 AM