October 21, 2005

Sometimes this shit just writes itself...

Elderly man drives with body in windshield
Florida (Go figure!) - 93-year-old Ralph Parker fatally struck a pedestrian and then drove for three more miles with the man's body hanging through his windshield. He was later stopped after he drove through a tollbooth and the toll taker called police. They say that he may not face any charges because of having dementia and not realizing anything he'd done. The victim's leg was severed in the Wednesday night crash, police said. The man, whose name was not released, was 52. Parker had renewed his license in 2003.


Is this really new NEWS per se? Not exactly.. for I wrote a story about this before... ironically, it took place in Florida as well. It's really one of those funny/sad type things and something that should be addressed in the US. Here is the previous article:

Some old lady, about 81 years old, found a way to hit her husband, the car lot salesman, another parked car, a tree, and a wall... all during her initial steps towards a test drive. Scary shit! Was this in Florida? You betcha! I recently saw a funny episode of Southpark in which the old people driving were considered roadside reapers, causing deaths and not even realizing it. I've always said that the proper way to solve these problems is to give a test to every citizen re-applying for driver's license renewal, regardless of their age. Why? This way it's not age discrimination, it's just a test to see if you have the required hand/eye coordination, proper reaction time, comprehension of the road rules, and understanding on how to operate a motor vehicle. Sometimes I see an old lady, barely peering over the steering wheel, going about half of the speed limit... is this because normal speeds are too fast to react to? The interstate is not a place for pussies or slow asses... and the road all-together is no place for those not qualified to drive safely. The problem with driving is that we are all at the mercy of the others on the road... that said, it would be nice if we had better roads, like an autobahn type interstate...that would be ideal, but this is America, so don't count on it happening. It is probably pretty damn inconsiderate to get onto the interstate and move the far left lane and go slower than people in the other lanes are going, but that's every asshole's prerogative and that's life, right? And will someone tell me if it is really LEGAL for a dump truck full of rocks to not be liable and responsible for spewing debris all over the interstate? Isn't that littering anyway? If I throw rocks out of my window or strap on a used kitty litter box to the roof, is that ok? As long as I have a sign saying to stay 500 feet back and that I'm not responsible for damage to your car or worse? What vehicle has the legal rights to over 500 feet of road-space anyway? And EVEN if you do remain 500 feet back, that doesn't make you any safer.. rocks bounce and bounce until they hit something.. the truck can be three lanes over and 1000 feet in front of you, and you could get smacked. I doubt that it is legal for I am sure I'd get pulled over if I had a trunk full of marbles, rocks, dildos, and wrenches and the trunk was open and they were flying and bouncing behind my little Ford Focus. Sometimes, they have tarps covering the load. The tarps on those trucks hardly do shit anyway, for the rocks find a way out as the truck bounces, hits holes, or just takes turns. In conclusion, these are just two more small pieces of America that truly suck and need some.. um.. resolve.

Question of the Day: If this were to have happened in New Orleans, would the offending senior have been given a beating for his negligent homicide by the NOPD? You make the call!

Posted by Reese at October 21, 2005 1:29 PM