October 25, 2005

The Eagle Has Landed...

Just my opinion on THIS matter... among many others.

Random Rants:
Sometimes I feel as if the government has turned it's back on me... it's a damn shame that I can't return the favor. Each day rolls by and I wait with as much patience as possible. I'm probably a damn patient guy in comparison to most. I never even yell at fast food employees while they are "taking their time plucking chickens" in order to make my chicken sandwich. No, I live wherever there's a bed willing to accept my weary head... and I drive to work and trudge onward. I try not to let all of the personal issues in my life consume my mind, but they eventually find a way to anger me. So I've got no house. I've got a baby coming soon. I've got no flood insurance, because the water had to be driven and had risen to biblical proportions in order to enter my house. I didn't even know I didn't have it, because it wasn't required for my mortgage. My house is already 4 feet above street level as it is... I thought flood insurance was for those poor bastards who had to replace their carpet once in a while after a severe rainstorm. In conclusion, Homeowners Policies are a joke. There is no reason there shouldn't be a one-all policy that protects against every kinda of destruction. Anyway, I spend way too much money on gas, because of high gas prices AND the fact that my job isn't just 15 miles away anymore (more like 150+ round-trip!). I try to play by the rules, but I face the threat of my perfect credit being ruined as well. And on top of all of that, each day I either hear no news or bad news. They will not build the levee protection higher and stronger. That's wise... so why the hell would anyone move back if the government doesn't want to protect them. Isn't that why we pay taxes all of these years? So that our government will protect us from unseen harm? What kind of sadistic democracy would hand out a tax break incentive for buying a house and investing into America, then walk away after we've already bought into the "American dream". Is it just me, or am I and thousands of others just royally screwed? I can't stand the political machine that governs this society as it is.. and then it hits home.. becomes personal.. and we all become victims of governmental neglect. No one wants to take the blame for the disaster's results... not the corps of engineers.. not the insurance companies, not the mortgage companies, not the local, state, nor federal government. And the only ones who suffer.. financially and emotionally are the citizens.. and the businesses in which some of these people used to have. Is there any justice to be done? I hate to think of the priorities of everyone involved. Bush with his Iraqi project (waste of lives, time, and money). Governor Blank with her approval to spend nearly 45 million dollars on construction projects ranging from health labs and water wells to a sports complex and livestock facilities... none of which benefit the NEW ORLEANS METRO AREA. And don't be fooled by the attorneys who claim to want to help victims by filing class action suits against insurance companies or what not.. they're only in it to line their pockets. Hell, Mumphrey's Lawfirm in Chalmette had a similar deal, except if either they win or lose, they still want you to pay for legal services if you sign on... either way.. THEY WIN. So, St. Bernard, even your very own are cannibalistic opportunistic piranha... but you already knew that.. you need to look no further than your OWN Sheriff and government officials of whom after a census count and re-zoning, will all be out of a job. Money doesn't make the world go 'round... it's pure GREED. And true selflessness and good will are apparently a lie and a myth as far as Uncle Sam is concerned. The big foot of democracy just keeps kicking us down. I really don't mean to ramble on.. I'm probably not even conveying my feelings efficiently onto this paragraph... but maybe I'll feel better just for having gotten some of it out of me.

Posted by Reese at October 25, 2005 3:16 PM