December 5, 2005

My letter to Blanco...

Dear Gov,

It's really shameful that any politician would be more concerned over image than substance. I've always believed that substance was more important, but then again, I never had to worry about my public appearance in order to maintain my job. Mike Brown had the same philosophy and you're no different. I am sure that hundreds of politicians would have done the same if their state was hit with the same disaster, but that doesn't change the facts of what reality held for Louisiana. If you were ever truly concerned about the state of Louisiana, you would have conceded to Jindal in the election. He was obviously the more qualified, intelligent, and more prepared candidate. Thanks to ignorance in the demographics of Louisiana, you somehow made it to the top. Only one direction to go, now, eh Gov? I have one suggestion, though about I roll up my sleeves (while wearing some rough-looking-shoes) and give you the finger.

Corey M Badeaux


Yeah it's not very professional, but then again, who's being the bigger professional around here? No amount of emails could possibly convey the amount of anger brewing in me and thousands of citizens out there. Each day, the clouds lose more and more silver from their linings and the wintery coldness seems to emulate the real-life mood of our gloomy situation. It's not that I want to lay blame, but blame is indeed necessary. The citizens have been shortchanged, before and after the storm by the people they've paid hard-earned tax dollars to protect them. The people never asked for this. They've asked for protection for years, and they the ones suffering the most. Why does it continue? How is it that governmental hypocracy, neglegence, and bickering could hinder progress in rebuilding lives? The people are starving for answers and truth, but are only fed more bullshit and depressing words.

Posted by Reese at December 5, 2005 11:30 AM