December 28, 2005

Sorry 2006, but we've got baggage.

Yes.. this blog thingy has been going on for about a year now. I want to make my entry here a solemn pledge to produce quality material for the site.. a podcast... or whatever. To make a true and convincing effort to write comedy in it's varying forms. I was told over the weekend how funny I was.. I was just going on about things.. babies, life, placentas, subway, fish guts...pulling it out of thin air... and it worked. I've created routines and such in my mind many times over, but have failed to write it down. Sometimes I re-read some of the things I've written this year on here.. and am glad I'm keeping some kind of quasi-journal about the things going on in my head. I've told Spicolli this and if anything, it's my New Year's resolution. A tradition based on hope is as real and worth doing as anything.

What's New?
I saw Sling Blade for the first time this past week. I find that I still favor Forrest Gump in the category of people caught somewhere between mental retardation, inbreeding, and just being uneducated. Candidates include Forrest Gump, Karl Childers (Sling Blade), Bobby Bouchet (The Waterboy), Buddy (Elf), John Coffey (The Green Mile), Sloth (Goonies), Dumb & Dumber, Mongo (Blazing Saddles), and Tom Joad (Grapes of Wrath)... all of whom would make a better president than the one we've got. (Sorry, RainMan isn't in the running!) I'm probably forgetting many.. but what can be said that Americans love idiots, and elect them annually. It's like voters all have Florence Nightingale syndrome. Now I call most people that defy logic in a stupid manner a fucktard. My brother used to use that phrase all of the time, but I've defined it myself. Retarded individuals or mentally handicapped (challenged?) people are usually found making the most of their abilities.. maximizing potential and trying as hard as a person can to manage a world of challenges. These people don't have much choice in being in their situation, whereas a fucktard CHOOSES the path of less mentality... and I do not feel sorry for them.

Posted by Reese at December 28, 2005 9:57 AM