January 30, 2006

Despotism... The New Communism.

Despotism 1946

After a nearly 60 year hiatus, it's back! Some older films and newsreels can be quite scary. Some featuring the threat of nuclear attacks instructing kids to "duck and cover" (Yeah, like that'll stop the radiation in it's tracks!) are downright creepy. However, nothing strikes fear in me like this one. With parallels that coincide with today's administration and the pieces of the puzzle that seem to construct a picture of corruption and righteousness, you have to agree, we're boned!

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January 28, 2006

Unoriginal Clowns, that can't spell

You may remember after the November 2004 presidential race a lot of left of center blogs linked humorously at an ad on Craigslist for Bush supporters for a fist fight. I giggled. I kinda wanted to place the ad myself for real.

Now this: Looking for a straight, tuff, local Naggin supporter for fist fight - m4m

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January 25, 2006

A REAL (Form) Letter from Mayor Nagin

Here is a REAL form letter response from the Mayor, which is sent to anyone who probably has concern over his comments last week.


Thank you for your note.

I have felt many emotions from New Orleanians since Katrina devastated
our beloved city. They run the full gamut. I now feel your frustration,
confusion, and anger over my recent comments on Martin Luther King, Jr.

As you may know, I have since done some soul searching and offered a
very sincere apology. Most who have watched me over the past three and
a half years know that this was a one time mistake and it was out of
character for me.

You may ask how I could come to this point. If I could get you to walk
in my shoes for a minute I think it may help you to better understand
the various dynamics and stresses I deal with regularly. When I first got in office I was determined to change the perception of City Hall not being inclusive and put together one of the most diverse cabinets and commissions in recent times. Some black leaders/ministers took offense and publicly denounced me and called me various things that I am not. This created a perception among some that I did not care about African Americans as much as I should.

In the aftermath of Katrina I witnessed first hand many New Orleanians
who suffered, especially our African American brothers and sisters. In
addition many were spread throughout the country over forty-four
different states given one way tickets out. There were also national
newspaper stories with quotes from some locals that left the impression
that these residents were not welcome back. Over the past few months I
have held town hall meetings locally and across this nation and I have
witnessed firsthand a sense of hopelessness and sentiment among African
Americans that they were not welcome back home. In my effort to provide
comfort, hope, and support for these displaced residents, I
inadvertently offended you and other citizens of New Orleans with my
speech. If I could do it all over again I would do it very

I ask for your forgiveness and understanding that I never intended to
offend anyone. I have many accomplishments and have worked extremely hard with the highest ethics throughout this first term as Mayor. I have excellent relationships at the White House and on Capitol Hill. These relationships paid off in a big way right before Christmas when we got approval for billions for levees, business incentives, and housing support. They will pay off again in the near future. These are critical times when we need all New Orleanians to work together to continue this momentum and rebuild our city. I want every citizen back except the criminals. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, a New Orleans that is safer and better where all people are welcome and productive. It is time for us to come together and make this a reality.

Thank you for allowing me to write back and express my thoughts.
Mayor Ray Nagin

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January 19, 2006

A Victory for Privacy Rights

Who needs lobbyists when all we need is compromise: Listen

I've recently gotten a digital voice recorder. We should all do our part to save social security and clear the national debt by recording all of our conversations (even the ones with ourselves!) and sending the tapes to Bush. That'll surely save them tax dollars, not to mention the troublesome hassle of spying on me.

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January 18, 2006

A Note to Senator Mary

Dear Senator Landrieu:
I realize that you are generally a reliable moderate and that you have to maintain ties with the majority to bring recovery monies to Louisiana. I send this in the sincere hope that you can see a the Samuel Alito nomination as an 'extraordinary circumstance' and break with the 'Gang of 14' to allow this deeply troubling nomination be filibustered.
Brian Stodola

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The Mayor's Monthy Radio Address:

Most people are closed minded. When they hear the word 'chocolate' they can't get past it. What makes it worse is the way that the media will take the most shocking sound bite they can find out of context to create a fake crisis. After watching live team coverage all last night and this morning on the local television, we thought we'd provide a forum for Hizonner's full unexpurgated remarks. We bring you Mayor Nagin's MLK Day Speech.

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January 17, 2006

Devil's Chocolate Advocate


Dear Mayor Nagin,

Monday, I was sitting at home. Sitting in my temporary residence in Slidell with my family when WWL 870AM replayed the perceived relevant clips of you claiming that New Orleans will once again become a "Chocolate" City. They are practicing Catholics and like some Catholics, they tend to be quick to judge and stereotype. It is in amazing and hypocritical fashion that they can become so unchristian-like by coming to an indisputably conclusive judgement based on mere fractions of factual data. These same individuals wouldn't have blinked an eye or may have even uttered the phrase "Yeah you right!" if Jefferson Parish President Arron Broussard were to say, "After the Mexican's have all left, I promise you that Metairie will once again become a Vanilla city!". It's really a shame how double-standards work around here. So when I heard your speech, I stopped, listened, and tried to figure out where you were going. I concluded that your thoughts were on the concentration of people who want a demographics change in New Orleans. The ones who don't want black people to return, whether good nor bad. And I can't imagine that you would not have taken offense to those people's blatantly racist comments. What I do know is that your comments just plain sounded bad... they are probably being taken out of context to the point where they are losing their original meaning. At least I want to believe that. I want to believe that you were really sincere when you had stated your delicious recipe for chocolate (Dark Chocolate plus Milk) is your true vision of the future of New Orleans. If only you'd have said "Milk Chocolate" instead, the meaning would have never been misunderstood. It was probably not wise to claim that you know for a fact what "God" wants for the city and how he's smiting us with tropical storms. Keep that church and state separate in your city planning, please! It's statements like those which make Bush lack more and more credibility. And maybe you really do understand the vision of Martin Luther King, but it just looks bad when you claim to know exactly what he'd think about today's situations in New Orleans and around. I've respected you during your campaign and even since. The way you denounced the localized minimum rage hike, because you knew it wasn't going to happen and wasn't good for the city anyway. Yes, you probably lost votes by being honest.. that took guts, but was quite respectable. The way you "soul-searched" and ignored partisan politics by endorsing Bobby Jindal for Governor, because even though you are both Democrats, you knew he was better for the state of Louisiana than Blanco. I only wish more people would have looked past whatever reasons they had for electing her instead of him and selected the more prepared, intelligent, and energetic candidate in Jindal. So, in conclusion, I'm not jumping ship just yet. We've all said things that have been misinterpreted and taken out of context or just misunderstood altogether. I still hope that you are the one who leads New Orleans into being a world class city.

Corey Badeaux

P.S. May I suggest getting Mars Inc., Hershey Inc., and Godiva Inc. as our Madri Gras sponsors this year. Might I also suggest that we let Charms Inc. (Blowpop) sponsor our next southern decadence fest!

(I've tried to Email this to the mayor's office, but they have the website hosed up preventing the flood of emails that are probably pouring in! 1-17-2006)

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January 10, 2006

Rock, Paper, Saddam

I've been accused of witholding the funny links I visit. Here's something I stumbled into: Rock Paper Saddam Presents: "The Painting". I guess any set of event photography could be made into a narrative like this, but really Saddam is such a ham it makes it easy. I'll have to find some.

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January 9, 2006

Fun Stuff

In a year with weirdos and political failure practically assured... let's have a little fun before we get knee deep in 2006 B.S. Spicolli sent me this link that he has posted elsewhere but he's neglected this site in the process. Don't worry, you can count on ole Reese to not let you down.. check this out.. sure to brighten your cubical mountainous prison!

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January 7, 2006

South Louisiana Katrina Summit Notes

I'm sitting here watching the historic meeting of three former New Orleans Mayors, the councils of Jefferson, St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes with the New Orleans City Council. They are rebroadcasting it on Cox Public Access. I came into it in the middle. I think there might be some other people I don't recognize on this summit.

Mayor Nagin was talking when I tuned in. He was lamenting somewhat the fact that it took a major catastrophe to trigger such a regional summit. He is so much an honest man. I think the way he talked he recognized that this meeting was largely an photo-op.

What I saw was a lot of speechifying and back-slapping. In the four months since the storm these leaders have had a hit and miss record of projecting unity, so this represents a leap forward on that count I suppose. And the meeting didn't seem totally without substance: Councilwoman Clarkson mentioned that they planned to take this show on the road up to Washington. She mentioned the example of realtors bum rushing the politicians. Not sure how much the effect would be the same. My cynical side thinks the trip would just be an opportunity for the congress to condescend to the Louisiana local government figures in person.

St. Bernard Parish President 'Junior' Rodriquez is hilarious. He was introduced by one of the New Orleans Council members who thanked him for his concern for the Lower Nine. 'Junior' launched into a monologue about the trailer situation; how the hurricane has leveled rich and poor to the same level. Which as I type it isn't funny, it's something you have to see.

As a marquee name event, it is an interesting start. There is an emphasis on regionalism. The sense that the communities must stick together or all slowly burn out completely. Rage is not far behind.

They should be having meetings of this type because of the interconnected economic and social relations of this region. Why should they be having this meeting to figure out how best to beg the federal government for rebuilding and flood-protection?

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January 2, 2006

First Post Of The Year - 2006

It's 2006... and I'm sure that there is some Sci-Fi movie or show from the 50's that depicts us having huge foreheads and communicating without vocals anymore, but the future is hardly ever what you predict. I mean, according to Back To The Future II, we are all going to have hover-cars in less than 10 years from now (also, future Biff's grandson will eat genetically modified cow manure... and dislike it, just as past generations have.) No, things are what they are, though... and they've progressed a lot in the past 10 years. I look forward to this coming year with optimism and hope.

Fickle Finger?
This past weekend (starting Thursday) I took a trip to Branson, Missiouri with my brother to pick up a car he'd won on E-Bay. He is now the proud owner of a 1974 Plymouth Duster. After getting some work done to make it more road-worthy, we departed for home on Friday night. Not freaky but rather odd is the fact that gas prices were actually cheaper in the middle of the Ozarks than at stations near New Orleans, where refineries are just a stone's throw away and rigs sit right offshore. Anyway, en-route while driving through the Ozarks, I get a call from my good friend who was driving to Canada (roughly 1500 miles away). He was listening to the 4 non-blondes song 'Whats Up?' and said he was thinking about me... as he called I was listening to the exact same song (The tune is over 10 years old and it was not a syndicated broadcast!). Even freakier when me and my bro stopped just south of Memphis to get a bite to eat for lunch. After sitting down to enjoy our meal, Spicolli walks in to get himself lunch. He was driving back from Wisconsin. Same place and same time in the middle of nowhere... freaky stuff! I suppose we were just destined to have lunch together. My belief (well, not a belief, but more of a lame quasi-theory) is that since the Tsunami altered the Earth's rotation every so slightly, the planets have been put into alignment and 2006 will hold cosmic surprises! Not that I really believe in fate (I think things were more or less set in motion from the start and have gone untouched since), but I am not about to give up playing the power-ball weekly!

Never underestimate the meaning behind your lunchtime destiny!!! (And I'm not talking about your decision on whether to king size those fries!)

1974 Plymouth Duster (with slant 6) & Cold A/C!!!

Happy Caesar's Julian Calendar New Year!

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