February 27, 2006

Crazy Fucks!

It's Lundi Gras here. I'm being a hermit. I'm making some red beans and rice. My feet hurt and I'm in a depressive swing in my manic depression. I need to double check my insurance's listing of doctors to see if there are any psychiatrist/podiatrists to choose from so I can save on the co-pay.

My Mardi Gras weekend hasn't all been sitting around watching Project Runway reruns and C-SPAN. I did spend most of the weekend out a-drinking and a-whoring. The plan of attack for the day is to go to H&R Block to help me with my bizarre 2005 returns, three jobs in two states and wedding photographer income.

Keeping me from this business is my morning blogs. I was just reading The Rude Pundit pointed me to the most bizarre thing from Media Matters:


WTF? Although I should point out that this is not the first time that Fox News has used that caption for an over the shoulder graphic. I had to really search my had drive but I found one from just after the 2004 Elections:


At least they are consistent.

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February 23, 2006

Riots to begin tomorrow

Yahoo takes the 'Allah' out of Callahan

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February 22, 2006

Nerd Time

I wanted to comment on the Bush endorsement of the United Arab Emirates takeover of the major ports. What's really crazy is that he fully supported it immediately after finding out about it... he just blindly trusted his cabinet without any discretion, research, or hesitation. He threatened to veto any move against it. He now states that we Americans shoud "not be worried about security"... then why the fuck are we STILL AT TERROR ALERT YELLOW???? Republicans and Democrats alike are shaking their heads over this, including Louisiana's own Bobby Jindal, who just found out about it himself. And it's also funny how the same fear promotion tactics used to get the public behind the war effort is now biting them in the ass on getting us behind this deal. Even if there is no apparent security threat to having them run the ports in the most business-like manner, it just smells funny on perception alone. If an Iranian company was to buy-out several of our Nuclear Power Plants, and the threat was just as minimal, would it not look too negligent on our part to allow it? It's all about perception... we're no more safer now than we were 5 years ago, but they'd like us to believe we are. So what's with the hard endorsement? Why were some congressmen left in the dark over this deal? And why are even many Republicans shaking their heads on why it's even happening... especially when their country has known terrorist ties, personal and financial??? Well... The Bush administration's wisdom and intelligence has failed us over and over... And now an Iraqi Civil War is starting... that's just icing on the cake. The corruption trail and money trail seem to parallel...I truly get afraid when I realize where the buck stops. With all of the evidence stacked ever so high, how can these hardcore Republican supporters not agree that he's the "Worst President Ever"?

Also, the Katrina Corruption Toll is amazingly high. It's not like New Orleans wasn't for sale before, but now that Federal dollars are rolling around, it's like the second comming of the Gold Rush. Meanwhile, the people continue to own unlivable, smelly homes whilst camping out in campers near the urban wilderness.

If you're arrested, just claim that the illegal drugs you are in possession of (or using) is part of your religious beliefs and/or traditional "four-hour ritual" to bring you closer to "God". The supreme court ruled in favor of a Christian-like religion in New Mexico so that they may use hallucinogenic hoasca tea, containing illegal drugs. So, if it's for religious purposes, the government feels they must stay out of it... yet if it's for your own private purposes, the game is on! You know, funny thing is, I agree with the ruling, yet the hypocracy is what really pisses me off.

On a lighter note, it's Nerd Time! And I present to you, something nerdy:

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February 17, 2006

How many of the 9/11 hijackers came from The United Arab Emirates?

Despite Fears, a Dubai Company Will Help Run Ports in New York - New York Times.

A: 13

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February 16, 2006

Life imitates joke

The poster on uggabugga was prescient.

Iranians have renamed danishes as "Roses of the Prophet Mohammad." [link]

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February 11, 2006

Best gag yet from the Mohammad cartoon thing

A commentor at uggabugga:

They don't call them Danishes anymore in Iran, now they are called Freedom Pastries...
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Little Man Bush

Reading Garrison Keillor always reminds me of home. This piece about the State of the Union speech at Salon.com is no exception. An excerpt:

And to suffer pangs of conscience even as you exhort the public to have confidence in you -- this has to be an interesting experience. Your mistakes are responsible for terrible suffering, but you stand among your victims and urge public support for your policies as a sign of support for the people those policies have injured. This is a plot worthy of Shakespeare.
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A boy is on trial for murdering his parents, and he begs of the judge leniency because he is an orphan.

An international organization builds a museum of tolerance on a Muslim cemetary.

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February 10, 2006

300th Post! What's with all the fuss?

Word on the street is that the latest cartoon allegedly depicting Mohammad has caused numerous riots and deaths across south Asia. I believe that ignorance, intolerance, and misinformation play a big part in why these events are occurring. To believe that this was the first time he was represented through animation in a possibly negative manner is just plain absurd! See for yourself:

Apu from the hit series "The Simpsons" carved a nitch into the pop culture as Matt Groening's personal view of Mohammad. A shrewed and wise businessman, this is what Mohammad would have most likely been like if he'd been born during present times, as owner of a Quick-E-Mart. Cheating on his wife, as was done in later episodes, proves that he is among the greatest leaders and role models of our time, such as John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and of course Martin Luther King Jr.

"Pig Pen" as his friends called him, was Charles Shultz's version of Mohammad back in 1954. He blended in great with the other peanuts cast. The holy dust storm that surrounded him and dirty face (remember, he was too young to have a real beard) made it obvious that he was indeed the Islamic holy one. Tragedy struck as in 1977, he strapped on a bomb and blew himself up during a routine baseball game with Charlie Brown and the gang... coining the phrase "Dirty Bomb".

Hairy, Violent, and Neolithic... Yup, that's Mohammad alright! Making his debut in 1977 and going under the pseudonym "Captain Caveman", he became a master of using his modified big wooden club. After being frozen for a few hundred years, he's back and ready to set things right... unfortunately, modern times have passed him by, and he symbolizes Islamic culture's resistance to technological change.

And Finally ... A master with the rifle, sidearm, or dynamite, short-tempered Yosemite Sam was Warner Brothers' answer to a Mohammad. So violent and crazy, sometimes he'd get so excited, he'd blow through a few rounds of ammo while dancing a gig. Always trying to kill Bugs Bunny (clearly a symbol of western culture!), this Muslim's feeble attempts always wound up biting him in the rear. Shown here in his native garb, Sam also gallivanted as a cowboy to gain a wider audience.

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February 9, 2006

The good ole days!

Maybe some folks get to the age where they can recall the "Good Old Days" sooner than most. I'm not really sure when that occurs exactly in most people, but I'll assume it's about when the past is remembered more fondly than the present. Well, I'm too young to let that ship sail, however this old BBS list brings back a little nostalgia. You'll find my pre-internet communication portal called "The Flame Broiler BBS", tongue-in-cheekily named after my first job ever as a 16 year old. (Can you guess where?) Yes, my SysOp name was Diceman. Ahhhh. Memories.

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February 8, 2006

More Crap

The apparachik who has been censoring NASA global warming experts, revising astronomy with Evangelical Christianity, helping re-elect the president and plan his inaugural had a fictional resume. (Lied about graduating from Texas A&M) Personally if I were him I'd lie too. : A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA - New York Times

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February 7, 2006

Senator Russ on AG Gonzales

Here's some commentary about Alberto Gonzales's recent testimony from a man behind the bench: WHAT WE HEARD FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERAL

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