February 10, 2006

300th Post! What's with all the fuss?

Word on the street is that the latest cartoon allegedly depicting Mohammad has caused numerous riots and deaths across south Asia. I believe that ignorance, intolerance, and misinformation play a big part in why these events are occurring. To believe that this was the first time he was represented through animation in a possibly negative manner is just plain absurd! See for yourself:

Apu from the hit series "The Simpsons" carved a nitch into the pop culture as Matt Groening's personal view of Mohammad. A shrewed and wise businessman, this is what Mohammad would have most likely been like if he'd been born during present times, as owner of a Quick-E-Mart. Cheating on his wife, as was done in later episodes, proves that he is among the greatest leaders and role models of our time, such as John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and of course Martin Luther King Jr.

"Pig Pen" as his friends called him, was Charles Shultz's version of Mohammad back in 1954. He blended in great with the other peanuts cast. The holy dust storm that surrounded him and dirty face (remember, he was too young to have a real beard) made it obvious that he was indeed the Islamic holy one. Tragedy struck as in 1977, he strapped on a bomb and blew himself up during a routine baseball game with Charlie Brown and the gang... coining the phrase "Dirty Bomb".

Hairy, Violent, and Neolithic... Yup, that's Mohammad alright! Making his debut in 1977 and going under the pseudonym "Captain Caveman", he became a master of using his modified big wooden club. After being frozen for a few hundred years, he's back and ready to set things right... unfortunately, modern times have passed him by, and he symbolizes Islamic culture's resistance to technological change.

And Finally ... A master with the rifle, sidearm, or dynamite, short-tempered Yosemite Sam was Warner Brothers' answer to a Mohammad. So violent and crazy, sometimes he'd get so excited, he'd blow through a few rounds of ammo while dancing a gig. Always trying to kill Bugs Bunny (clearly a symbol of western culture!), this Muslim's feeble attempts always wound up biting him in the rear. Shown here in his native garb, Sam also gallivanted as a cowboy to gain a wider audience.

Posted by Reese at February 10, 2006 10:58 AM