February 22, 2006

Nerd Time

I wanted to comment on the Bush endorsement of the United Arab Emirates takeover of the major ports. What's really crazy is that he fully supported it immediately after finding out about it... he just blindly trusted his cabinet without any discretion, research, or hesitation. He threatened to veto any move against it. He now states that we Americans shoud "not be worried about security"... then why the fuck are we STILL AT TERROR ALERT YELLOW???? Republicans and Democrats alike are shaking their heads over this, including Louisiana's own Bobby Jindal, who just found out about it himself. And it's also funny how the same fear promotion tactics used to get the public behind the war effort is now biting them in the ass on getting us behind this deal. Even if there is no apparent security threat to having them run the ports in the most business-like manner, it just smells funny on perception alone. If an Iranian company was to buy-out several of our Nuclear Power Plants, and the threat was just as minimal, would it not look too negligent on our part to allow it? It's all about perception... we're no more safer now than we were 5 years ago, but they'd like us to believe we are. So what's with the hard endorsement? Why were some congressmen left in the dark over this deal? And why are even many Republicans shaking their heads on why it's even happening... especially when their country has known terrorist ties, personal and financial??? Well... The Bush administration's wisdom and intelligence has failed us over and over... And now an Iraqi Civil War is starting... that's just icing on the cake. The corruption trail and money trail seem to parallel...I truly get afraid when I realize where the buck stops. With all of the evidence stacked ever so high, how can these hardcore Republican supporters not agree that he's the "Worst President Ever"?

Also, the Katrina Corruption Toll is amazingly high. It's not like New Orleans wasn't for sale before, but now that Federal dollars are rolling around, it's like the second comming of the Gold Rush. Meanwhile, the people continue to own unlivable, smelly homes whilst camping out in campers near the urban wilderness.

If you're arrested, just claim that the illegal drugs you are in possession of (or using) is part of your religious beliefs and/or traditional "four-hour ritual" to bring you closer to "God". The supreme court ruled in favor of a Christian-like religion in New Mexico so that they may use hallucinogenic hoasca tea, containing illegal drugs. So, if it's for religious purposes, the government feels they must stay out of it... yet if it's for your own private purposes, the game is on! You know, funny thing is, I agree with the ruling, yet the hypocracy is what really pisses me off.

On a lighter note, it's Nerd Time! And I present to you, something nerdy:

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Posted by Reese at February 22, 2006 12:02 PM