March 1, 2006

Media Hype

Now I don't attempt to get caught up in the media hype.. entertainment matters and such.. as much as I can avoid. But, reading stuff at MediaMatters.Org has really shed light on just how skewed, biased, and even blatantly nonfactual supposed "NEWS" channels can be. I mean, the Enquirer probably has a better fact-checker on staff than Fox News. Recenlty, Kieth Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly have had spats against each other. O'Reilly actually petitioned MSNBC to cancel Olbermann as host and bring back Phil Donahue. First off, why would anyone care about another network's ratings dropping... wouldn't that be to his benefit? Second, he actually lied about the ratings being lower than when Donahue had the show. Thirdly, I found it interesting that O'Reilly's average viewer age is 68.5 years old. MY GOD! If that's average, then there are either a lot of nursing homes that only get Fox News, or that old neolithic conservative-style of thinking may be a dying breed (literally!) Let's see.. those same old geezers are probably the kind that (in the back of their mind) wish that Hitler may have won and spread the Aryan nation to the corners of the globe. The same peeps who probably miss the "good ole days" back when they had their own segregated water fountain, toilets, and voting rights. I don't know much Olbermann's show, but I do remember him being quick witted and entertaining back in his ESPN days. In conclusion, what bothers me about people like O'Reilly and "News" channels like Fox News is the chance that they may actually convince or persuade people to believe their warped sense of reality. That's the part that really scares me, considering the types of people and levels of intelligence of Americans (No offense, America, but not mentioning Bush, you've made some shit dumb decisions in my short lifetime.)

Another Note: New Orleans Rebuilding
I've stumbled across an old postcard depicting proposed bridges back in the first half of last century. The first bridges built were the Old Spanish Trail (now Highway 90) bridge and the 5-Mile Highway 11 Bridge near the Slidell / New Orleans Border. Both of those old bridges were practically untouched by Hurricane Katrina's wrath, while the newer I-10 span, located in between the other two, was ripped to shreds and took months to repair. Now the Pontchartrain Causeway was originally proposed to be from Mandeville to West End (in New Orleans). It is, of course, from Mandeville to Metairie instead. Another proposed bridge was from Lacombe to New Orleans, which was a good idea. Why not have another Lake Pontchartrain Bridge from Lacombe to West End? It would make a lot of sense, considering the growth that St. Tammany has had over the past 10 years. Before this new bridge could be complete, the population will only be higher in Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, and around. Where could we save money? Maybe re-use some of the temporary spans on the I-10 that, in the future, will be replaced with permanent concrete spans to match the rest of itself. Just an thought, but not a new one.. just another great idea that one that our recent ancestors had already whipped up.

Sometimes old school can teach new school a lesson.

Posted by Reese at March 1, 2006 10:44 AM