April 7, 2006

Old School Driving School

Don't say that Provocative Planet never tried to make Louisiana a better place. Lately, accidents have been at the highest rate than any other time in the history of the New Orleans Metro area, however bad driving has historically been a staple of southeast Louisiana and since we're attempting to bring New Orleans back better than ever, why not crack down on another hazard that had driven death and insurance rates higher than it should be? It's really shameful that some of the worst offenders are not kids, but people that have been driving for over a decade and beyond. Even the elderly, who's motor and reactionary skills have deteriorated beyond the point where driving at their native 20MPH is even safe anymore, prove to be a major catalyst for bad driving. To prove my point, and to educate the willing, I bring you: The Safe Driving In Louisiana Drivers Guide.

Although printed circa late 1960's, the rules still apply for the most part (except that we renew our license every 4 years instead of 2). Being that this guide has been out and revised for as long as it has means there's no excuse, Louisiana... none whatsoever. Just because you've passed the test, doesn't mean you know how to drive... it may mean that your instructor just didn't care or you faked it nice and convincingly.

Posted by Reese at April 7, 2006 4:27 PM