October 25, 2006

Awesome Video

Kind of a rarity. Two American legends: Bob Dylan and Johnnie Cash in the studio. I never heard of the collaboration before. I guess it goes to show that it's a small world.

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October 14, 2006

Mmm, Pizza and Porn

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October 12, 2006

Thursday the 12th - Murphy's Law Morning for Byron

I swear under oath the events below are true...

5:30am - Baby wakes up early, wife addresses, I go back to sleep
6:00-6:30 - Mitch & Wife argue until the phrase "Be quiet or you'll wake Byron" is heard - I yell "Byron is already awake!!!" - I do not go back to sleep
6:45 - Rush to bathe & get ready.. already late
7:00-7:30 - Get baby to sitter.. traffic.. idiots, almost out of gas. Baby wakes up and pukes in the seat and cries... I have to sing hs favorite songs to get him back to sleep
7:30 - Drop off Drew, blocking two big trucks on a dead-end street that never sees any traffic looking like an asshole
7:35 - go to get gas... pump does not work... go to second pump... says "See Cashier"
7:40 - Go to get gas across the street
7:45 Button that pops the gas cover breaks.. I spend minutes finding the pieces on the ground
7:50 - on to work!!!
8:00 - Traffic & Idiots
8:30 - get stuck behind an idiot in a NEW Porsche doing 50 MPH as cars go around me keeeping me nice and slow, fuming...
8:40 - avoid various rocks and debris - AGAIN!!!
8:50 - 9:00 - Almost get sideswiped by no less than three idiots - backups on the Hish-Rise, 610, & the Causeway exit
9:00 - I have never been so happy to get to work.

I will check my lottery ticket shortly... there has to be a reason for this morning's hell!!! F#@% Friday the 13th... must be a leap year.

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October 9, 2006

Saints Football

One of my many vices is New Orleans Saints football. The home opener was something special, with obviously inspired, yet smart play by the home team. I'm not sure that I've ever seen the Saints thoroughly dominate a team in all phases of the game was they did Atlanta. I'm just glad I got to view it live. Being a part of the atmosphere in one of the most electrifying moments in New Orleans history is something to hold dear. It was a rare moment to see part of U2 for the first time and Green Day for the second time (Saw them at Voodoo Fest in 2004, where they out-rocked and outperformed The Beastie Boys by a mile... not to say anything negative about the "boys", but that day it was as if they were just going through the motions of putting on a show, nothing special. Anyway, yesterday's victory against a team that the Saints were supposed to win (by most accounts) was quite scary in the fact that in many aspects they were outplayed. One major determining factor was the one turnover that the Bucs made, and the zero turnovers the Saints made. Also the special teams Reggie Bush touchdown return made things a tad easier. Next week, I'll be in the dome when Philly comes to town. As a kid, I'd always pick Philly on my John Madden 92 Genesis game... Randall Cunningham and an all-star defense including Reggie White made it a hard team to play. This will be the Saints most challenging game to date, and so I'll keep my expectations low, but faith will remain high. Who-Dat!

Scenes from the big game: The Louisiana Superdome 9-25-2006
Me and Eric on TV (Monday Night Football), Pre-Game, Bono & The Edge before entering stage, & Final Score!

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October 7, 2006

October 6, 2006

3 CSIs Saved CBS...

Maybe 3 SNLs will save NBC. 30 Rock and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip both look pretty darn entertaining. The real SNL has been in the pistoire for years though. Maybe SNL SVU?

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Louisiana Dops the Ball... Again

A horrific accident occured this week in St. Tammany parish on I-12 resulting in deaths, injuries, and hours of ceased traffic flow.

Since Katrina, I witness loads and debris falling off of vehicles daily or lying in the streets and highways. I was caught between an airborne ladder and a lot of vehicles and concrete on I-10 just the other day - thank GOD the ladder traversed to the emergency lane before I had to take action. Yesterday, I passed a dump truck dropping defunct house scraps on the highway while thinking "That's just one piece of sheetrock away from another disaster." Traffic on the High-Rise was stalled for hours as an out-of-state bunch of careless workers were picking up sheetrock scattered over all of the lanes as they had not secured them in any way.. not even a tailgate was present on the truck - and as NOPD units and a motorcycle patrolman passed the scene not even blinking an eye.

With perhaps the exception of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office, enforcement has been lax as unsecured loads and debris have their way with commuters. Even before the storm, dump trucks dropped loads of rocks and gravel on the roads while ignorantly and illegally protecting themselves with a sticker - a blatant lie which should result in fines.

The state police and local law enforcement need to start dropping the hammer instead of dropping body bags next to preventable accident scenes. Don't get me wrong, the offenders in these instances are the negligent drivers and passengers who do not secure their loads, but with the influx and carelessness of our new work force, enforcement needs to the stepped-up.

Editors Note: Amen! But lest not forget our in-state ignorant drivers!

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October 4, 2006


Don't be a Butt-head.

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October 3, 2006

Reese Ramblings....

Blatant Idiocracy
I'm ashamed of where I grew up sometimes, and here's another example why that is so. It's one thing that the citizens of St. Bernard Parish are averaging a lower-than standard I.Q., but when politicians are overwhelmingly voting in an ordinance that is not only violating property owner rights, but renters rights as well, it's hard not to be embarrassed. Yes, this ordinance actually states that property owners in St. Bernard Parish can only rent to blood-relatives. Being that St. Bernard has 93% caucasian ownership, the measure also holds the public appearance of possibly being a little racist. It's no secret that african-americans aren't very much appreciated down in da parish (I hate using the term african-american, because none of them are from africa... they are just plain and simply americans.) Now, for argument's sake, let's assume this were to stand. How in the hell would you even enforce such an ordinance? I suppose if you were an orphan, you couldn't rent to anyone. How could Junior Rodriguez (who's no CSI) use his small brain to decipher a DNA test to determine if Tyrone Johnson is not my kin? Who's could say if Juan Rodriguez is HIS Kin? St. Bernard Parish Sheriffs Department isn't know for their world-class DNA testing labs, and even if they were, it would have probably been washed away in the storm. I can see it now, renters submitting blood samples and genealogy records along with rental contracts. Do these guys even think before they type, proofread, print, gather, and vote on such a thing?

This ordinance is so illegal, I'm sure that the suit filed by the The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC) against St. Bernard Parish (in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana) should have no trouble getting a judgement in their favor. Now, a more logical, yet still illegal approach would have been for the parish to try to give prior St. Bernard residents priority housing before renting to everyone else. But these guys that run things down there aren't even smart enough to disguise blatant wrongness. Of course, no one in St. Bernard (or most communities for that matter) want thugs and vagrants living amongst their previously low-crime neighborhoods... and of course these political figures are only doing what the people who've elected them wish for them to do... protect the "heritage" of St. Bernard... but the solution does not lie the illegal actions to which these morons sought.

So how will this play out, you ask? Well, the Fair Housing Act expressly prohibits discrimination in the rental or sale of a dwelling on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, disability or national origin. 42 U.S.C. § 3604 (a). Case Closed.

*On A Side Note*
I've just received my LRA (Louisiana Road Home Program) letter stating that I can now call in and set up an appointment with an advisor. Now, the media has been covering the fact that people are upset with the slow pace of distributing the grant money to the people who need it, and truth be told, they were supposed to have had things rolling months ago... but being that the form letter that I received has the wrong phone number printed for contacting the LRA (not once, but twice) has me believing that the state just may be using stall tactics after all.

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October 2, 2006


A show that makes sense!

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