October 6, 2006

Louisiana Dops the Ball... Again

A horrific accident occured this week in St. Tammany parish on I-12 resulting in deaths, injuries, and hours of ceased traffic flow.

Since Katrina, I witness loads and debris falling off of vehicles daily or lying in the streets and highways. I was caught between an airborne ladder and a lot of vehicles and concrete on I-10 just the other day - thank GOD the ladder traversed to the emergency lane before I had to take action. Yesterday, I passed a dump truck dropping defunct house scraps on the highway while thinking "That's just one piece of sheetrock away from another disaster." Traffic on the High-Rise was stalled for hours as an out-of-state bunch of careless workers were picking up sheetrock scattered over all of the lanes as they had not secured them in any way.. not even a tailgate was present on the truck - and as NOPD units and a motorcycle patrolman passed the scene not even blinking an eye.

With perhaps the exception of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office, enforcement has been lax as unsecured loads and debris have their way with commuters. Even before the storm, dump trucks dropped loads of rocks and gravel on the roads while ignorantly and illegally protecting themselves with a sticker - a blatant lie which should result in fines.

The state police and local law enforcement need to start dropping the hammer instead of dropping body bags next to preventable accident scenes. Don't get me wrong, the offenders in these instances are the negligent drivers and passengers who do not secure their loads, but with the influx and carelessness of our new work force, enforcement needs to the stepped-up.

Editors Note: Amen! But lest not forget our in-state ignorant drivers!

Posted by Byron at October 6, 2006 12:18 PM