December 28, 2006

HORRIBLE!!! The HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the worst train disasters in history caught on camera!!!!! Not for the weak of heart!!!

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December 26, 2006

Some Free Form Animation

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December 21, 2006

E and Pi Go on a Date

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December 12, 2006

A Christmas Story Re-Cut

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December 8, 2006

Tony vs. Paul

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December 4, 2006

Justice is Finally Being Served

Two St. Bernard deputies are being chaged with animal cruelty for their rotten actions during the Kartina aftermath. Not a minute too soon... Article

As a certain chef might say... BAM!!!

Oh, its getting better!!!

And Better... Liks to CNN videos...

Update: As a matter of public record, the following St. Bernard Parish deputies & such have been named as defendants in this petition:

Heny "Junior" Rodriguez
Sheriff John "Jack" A. Stephens
Deputy Michael David Minton
Lieutennant Duke Collins
Deputy Kenny Fos
Deputy Greg Hawks
Seargent Mitchell Roussell
Deputy Arthur Minor
Seargent Tony Ramado
Deputy Mike Kennon
Deputy Wolf
and other Deputies yet to be identified

If you read closely, the deputies which have yet to be identified have been accused of specific and witnessed acts of animal murder. The petition also accuses the Saint Bernard Sheriff's Office of purposely witholding information related to the identification of the deputies in question. More into the petition, you will also find accusations of the unlawful removal of persons from their personal property. Its a pretty good read... highly reccomended!

Additionally, a email from an assistant attorney general stated that Foti's office had no intention of dropping the case. Speaking as one who has met and known Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti: please note that in the "Good Ol' Boy network of Louisiana politics, I'm sure this case would have never seen the light of day had it not been for the pressure of animal welfare groups and concerned peoples.

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