June 25, 2008

Why America Sucks Ass

Ok, I don't mean to be so negative, but truth be told, it's easier to get passionate about the things that need to be changed over the things that are just fine the way they are. In the future I will make a valiant effort to post "Why America Kicks Ass" and focus on some positives. But for now, it's just another reason Why America Sucks Ass:

This article depicts the story of DMV officials who, last July, got word of "offensive" license plates (that they had issued). A 60-year-old technology teacher from Fayetteville complained about the plates after her teenage grandchildren clued her in. The plates in question have "WTF-xxx" in the prefix (the x's of course are random numbers and such). The teacher wasn't offended by the plates when she was ignorant of it's cyber-acronym meaning, but now she is? WHAT THE FUCK indeed! That's like telling me that my once innocent pink shirt now labels me as gay and thus offensive to homophobes everywhere! Now...Physically bludgeoning someone? Stealing computer monitors from them? Destroying someone's mailbox? Yes, those things do seem criminal as they very well should, but merely offending people is enough to practically "outlaw" many things in our country...and in some cases do! I mean, how offensive does something have to be where the government feels the need to protect us from it? And how can you even accurately rate something so objective as offensiveness? Being nude shouldn't necessarily be a crime, but some lawmakers who are offended by tax paying citizens who wear their pants too low (showing underwear in the process) find ways to try to make it illegal to do so! What was previously not a crime is now a crime, because someone who is so stupid and truly believe that their morality and sense of right and wrong is somehow rightcheous over others, is offended by the mere sight of it. (The possibility of not looking at it was apparently NOT AN OPTION). Then there's language itself. Language is merely a group of organized sounds that our society gave meaning to, yet, when we are offended by these harmless phrases and words, the next thing you know, BAM!!...censorship comes marching in and free speech is thrown out of the window. There is no such thing as true free speech if you can only express yourself in certain locations and/or at certain times and/or in only certain mediums. The only good thing this article seems to imply is that the DMV isn't forcing drivers to inconvenience themselves by having to wait in line to get their plates replaced.. seems to be a rather volounteer effort. Instead, they are just informing the nearly 10,000 North Carolina drivers that their once-thought innocent WTF prefix on their license plates (who they thought were just random letters identifying their vehicle's registration with the state) are now offensive to possibly thousands of other drivers, non-drivers, and maybe even themselves!!! And don't pat yourself on the back thinking that the reason this stuff is an issue is because America's moral compass is numero uno... think agani! Many european countries are far less prudish and their murder rates (among other sociological problems) pale in comparrison to the good ole God-fearing wholesome United States.

Posted by Reese at 9:06 PM