November 12, 2008

I was recently sent this link of a film to view: THIS FILM!

Whew.. that was a lengthy piece! There are many good points made during the film. The administration and even McCain himself tried using fear to achieve his own agenda of getting elected. Plainly saying, without much reason behind it, that we should be afraid of an Obama presidency. Fear drives many people to sacrifice certain freedoms for the ILLUSION of enhanced security. I view the war on terror just like I view the war on drugs... unwinnable, no matter how much money and resources you throw at it. It's an ideal.. a philosophy.. a belief... those things can't be eliminated. Only education can help deflate ignorance, and those who aren't educated in our school systems are completely out of our control. The Iraq war was simply invalid. I'd like to believe that Bush really thought he was doing the country good and was just misguided and unaware of the horrifying attrocities in his actions. I don't want to beleive that the fear employed was a means to an illegal war, but it just may very well be that simple. Maybe 9/11 was a gift that made Iraq an easier sell... I bet that the Iraq war would have occurred either way. United States citizens losing rights where anyone can be ousted as an enemy without probable cause or meritable evidence is spooky, creepy, and everything in between. What happened to that James Yi guy or the journalist in California for just reporting the truth are things I can hardly comment upon, except to say that it envokes immence feelings of injustice. I can only hope that the overwhelming support of the American people for a pro-constitutional, pro-peace democratic president can help reverse the negative direction away from freedom in which our country has been heading for about 7 years.

I just got back from Boston on Sunday. Saturday night, I changed my flight from an evening one, to a morning one. Being that it now showed up as a one-way ticket to New Orleans, I was flagged with the SSSS on my boarding pass. I mean, obviously, if a us citizen passenger is flying one-way to his own hometown (with a layover in Atlanta, of course), he's apparently planning on taking the plane into a building or something. They singled me out, and sent me to the bomb-sniffing machine. After it blew air at me several times... I went on to another guy, who decided to swab all of my stuff... wallet, shoes, cellphone, and run the swabbed whatever into a machine to detect explosives. Luckily, I checked all of my luggage in, or i would have been there a while. I mean, they alreayd x-rayed my shit before that. What if I had packed a bunch of dildos in my suitcase? It could easily be an embarrasing situation for some... as for me, I wasn't too thrilled just being singled out and taken aside. I honeslty felt how uncomfortable it would make some people for various reasons... especially if they thought they were being profiled. I'm not sure what the right way to maximize safety is, but I strongly believe they are going about it the wrong way. One way I know this, is because the week before that, I had to go to Portland, Maine for work... I brought my big jacket, that my brother gave me... he left a lighter in the jacket pocket, and I didn't notice it was there until halfway through my trip. That means that they x-rayed the jacket and then I flew all the way to DC and then Portland, all with the ability to set fire to anything I wished in mid-air. If someone is THAT determined to cause trouble on a flight, it will happen, and nothing in place is going to fully prevent it.

The Germany connection is eerie... check out this piece from 1946: THIS CLIP!

On a side note, notice how in the pledge of allegiance, the phrase "under god" isn't there.. that's becasue it was added in 1951 by a resolution brought on by the Knights of Columbus. I dislike it when ignorant people try to tell me that Religion and Government have always been together, when they apparently used to be much more seperate. (Heck the motto "In God We Trust" didn't appear on currency until 1864) Below is the Fugio Cent designed by Benjamin Franklin himself in 1787... now that's a coin motto I can get behind!


Posted by Reese at November 12, 2008 4:06 PM