February 10, 2009


Say what you want about Michale Moore, but his movie Sicko is done pretty well. Truth be told, even taken with a grain of salt, the compelling argument for universal healthcare is a hard one to counter... we already have public tax money pay for socialized servies you may be familiar with, such as police departments, fire department (whether you ever need them or not), public schools (whether you ever have kids to use them or not), bridge & road construction projects (whether you drive or not), among countless other not-so popular ones like welfare. Everyone needs healthcare, unless by some chance you've got amazing immunity and good physical fortune. Doctors could focus on the patient, and not have to choose between what's best for them and not what can be afforded by them. The biggest resistance would probably come from the insurance companies, who will basically be out of business. Of course, their lobbiest could never support something that may just be best for everyone. At my job, they pay for our healthcare through Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Louisiana... that money could easily be put into my paycheck for the extra taxes that may be put in for universal healthcare... no change for me.. and none for most americans who already have insurance, i'd think. Maybe the top 1% would pay more... who knows.. the needs of the many usually outweigh the needs of the few, as long as it's logically fair. Besides, how can we call ourselves the greatest country in the world, when other countries (like Canada, England, France) have citizens who are living longer, healthier, and possible happier lives?

Posted by Reese at February 10, 2009 10:43 AM