Corey Michael Badeaux
165 lbs
Dark Brown
May 1976 (Gemini - Dragon) in New Orleans
Reese, Slim "C" DiFatta, Kinyodas
Charles A. Badeaux & Susan A. DiFatta
Brandolyn (1982) [Journal Site] [Info]
Byron (1974)

Bienvenue! Here you will learn all that you need to know about the all impressive, competitor, charismatic, jovial, logical, humanitarian, down to earth, patriot, explorer, unique, honest, cute, stable, philosophizer, athlete, mentor, mature, carnivorous, comedian, open minded, taxpayer, literary genius, dazzling, coordinated, organized, generous, actor, adventurer, smooth, liberal, inspiring, charming, handsome, talented, intelligent, creative, heroic and most of all HUMBLE individual also known as Reese.

Corey is a software developer for a secret state agency (shhhhh!) that helps fight the good fight in Louisiana!  Born on the bayou in May of 1976 and raised by a loving couple of white people along with his siblings in the swamps of Chalmette, La., a suburb of the Crescent City aka New Orleans, he barely made it alive through the gang wars and crime that plagued his rough hometown. "I was often sent to the hospital after severe beatings and only occasionally was I lucky enough to get to eat solid foods.", Corey said during a 2002 interview with Time Magazine.  While most of the people he grew up with had either died, gone to prison, or became fat, bald, and ugly, Corey defied all odds and had risen above his peers by ascending  with success into adulthood with the intelligence, wisdom, charm, and enlightenment of which most could only dream of having. (Did I mention humble?)

Liberal, Open Minded, Logical, Intelligent, Jovial, and Damn Smooth are all words that Corey uses to define himself in unbiased fashion. "I'm living the American dream... being me!", he said as he rode off in his Bentley riding bitch between two supermodels.

I know exactly what you're thinking.  Who is this "Reese"?  And how can I become more like him?  Well, all of this and more can possibly be answered in this wonderful section of the web in which I will unveil my identity in repulsive detail!  So come on in!  Waste a few brain cells on useless information about yours truly! So how did Reese come to be? What is the great story behind the great man? Find out here!

Holla at Reese

Yes! Even you mere mortals can send an E-Mail to the great and powerful Reese at REESE_MAN@HOTMAIL.COM   Now, whether I decide to read it is of course entirely my prerogative.  Of course, you could waste an E-Mail on Santa Claus, and I'm pretty darn sure that it would be a complete waste, as I can assure you that I really do exist kiddies! (Also, I prefer the naughty, as they're much more fun.)

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